Boys & Girls Offseason Youth Lacrosse

Lacrosse is the considered “the fastest game on two feet” as a result each year more boys and girls begin playing this wonderful sport.

Offseason Lacrosse

RB Youth Lacrosse Program Offseason Philosophy:

With the tremendous increase in participation numbers more camps, clinics, and recruiting events arise providing opportunities and services for players across the country. It is our goal as a program to provide opportunities for youth players within the RB community throughout the year, while not restricting you from taking part in another event. We strongly believe in our players participation in other sports and consistently set our offseason Lacrosse calendar to prevent conflicts with RB Pop Warner, RB Bronco Ball Basketball, RB Wrestling and Soccer.

RB Youth offseason Lacrosse schedule includes the following:

  • Fall (Sept- Nov) Box Lacrosse and Field Lacrosse two days a week
  • Winter (Dec-Jan) Participation in area Youth Lacrosse League
  • Spring (Feb-May) Competitive Season
  • Summer (Jun-Aug) Participation in area Youth Lacrosse League and area summer Lacrosse Festivals

Total cost for the year ranges from $800 to $1000 for everything.


Offseason Participation

The program encourages our youth players to take part in our off season events for the following reasons; the opportunity to improve their individual skills, begin forming positive relationships with current and future teammates, an opportunity to practice the foundation of RB Youth Lacrosse principles, and continue the promotion of the RB Youth Lacrosse community!

Off Season Programs

Wild Bunch Lacrosse

Boy’s & Girls Youth Lacrosse Program All Year
  • Personal Training 
2018 Summer (June through July)
  • Two Events Travel Teams
    • Boys 12U, 10U & 8U
    • Girls 10U
  • LAXTravaganza in July! (pending)
    • Training and fun for boys & girls ages 4-8
2018 Fall / Winter (Sept through February)
  • Box Lacrosse
    • Boys Ages 7-10 
    • Boys 11-13

QC Girls Lacrosse

Girl’s Lacrosse Program

2018 Summer 
  • June-August 
  • Multiple Skill Levels / Age Groups
2018 Fall / Winter
  • November – January
  • Multiple Skill Levels / Age Groups

Animals Lacrosse

Boy’s Lacrosse Program

2018 Summer 
  • May
  • Elite Team
  • High School Team 
  • Practice
2018 Fall / Winter
  • October 
  • Elite Team
  • High School Team 
  • Practice


Boy’s & Girls Winter Compative League

2018 Winter 
  • Boys Youth:  5-9 Years 
  • Boys Middie: 10-13 Years
  • Boys JV 14-16
  • Boys Varsity 15-17

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