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1. Please do not park in the turnaround circle in front of the RBHS Performing Arts Center. Best to park in the BHMS or RBHS lots for practice and games. Dropping off and picking up is fine but do not park and leave your car.    

2. Do not park or drive down the access road to RBHS Lacrosse Country. The only cars allowed are the coaching staff, game officials and team mom’s. There is plenty of parking in the RBHS student lot, best to park and walk to the field.  

We appreciate your understanding and support as we work together in keeping our positive relationships with BHMS, RBHS and Poway USD going.


The rain policy for the San Diego Youth Lacrosse Clinic:

  • If the fields are unsafe we cancel#
  • If it is raining heavily, we cancel
  • If there is any lightening, we cancel
  • If it is gray, we play
  • If it drizzling, we play
  • If it is damp, we play

A note will be posted on this site early Saturday mornings if there is any doubt.

# On sessions were the fields are soggy, but it is not raining, bring your running/tennis shoes and we’ll play on the basketball/tennis courts.

same for in season practices always have running shoes in your bag.

Q. What would happen if our player wasn’t present for the tryouts? Do they miss out on a chance for team placement?

A. ALL players will be permitted to tryout for the team that they feel they are suited for.  It will be the staff’s call on final placement.  We work very hard to take all into consideration before making a final placement,  Your player will be given a chance to make a team upon their return.

Teams don’t completely shake out until the 3rd or 4th week players who were initially placed on a team from the 1st day evaluation even if not present might turn out to be more or less capable of competing at the level the coaches thought, (good chance the head coaches already know where a player should be placed due to being present at the paclax clinic or playing for the team). Players may be moved up or down to come up with the best match for the Player, Team and Level of competition. However once teams are established we don’t move players down temporarily to win a game. And may move players up to help fill a roster during playoffs.

Q. What is active.com why is registration handled there and not on rbylax.com?

A. We use active.com to ensure your payment and data security, active.com is a secure trusted site.