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Ryan and Kenzie have both played and benefited from the RB Youth Lacrosse program. I can vouch for the dedication and integrity that the coaches have demonstrated in providing an excellent program in our community.

Carla Peay

RBYLax played for a significant role with Zach and our family…. There is no better leadership for a youth program (and there are many distractions thrown at our youth) than being able to take core values and transfer them to our kids in a positive, meaningful way…. lessons learned through the program have allowed Zach a pathway to success in anything he chooses…

John Weaver

We have been a part of the RBYLax Program since 2012. Not only do we love the sport, but we love the program. They have the best coaches and staff. My kids walk away every year with a higher skill level and more confidence on and off the field.

Chrissy Mulder

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